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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Posted by on Thursday, March 28, 2012

Edelweiss is more than just a wonderful song from The Sound of Music– it is a blossoming flower that packs a punch. This flower, found along the ridges of the Himalayan and Alpine mountains, is known to be one of the best kept cosmetics secrets to date.

The active ingredient in edelweiss is leontopodium alpinum. It is produced by the plant as a defense mechanism against its harsh living environment. The stems produce a natural UV ray protection that scientists have been able to collect and produce on a large scale. Endangering the plant life, however, is not a problem. Scientists are able to produce metabolites from its stem cells and can then recreate all of its properties over and over again without endangering the plant's longevity.

Edelweiss has recently been used in cosmetic stores in makeup and lotions. Its properties naturally protect against the sun's harmful rays as well as provide the skin with a healthy bounty of antioxidants. Edelweiss can be used as an anti-inflammatory and aid your skin in the endless fight against aging and sagging. It has the restorative ability to build up collagen in the skin and slow down its degradation.

That such wonderful benefits can be extracted from a plant really makes you question the potency of popular skincare products on the market. Can those multi-syllablic chemical names really be as effective on the skin as the natural extract from a plant? Go with the nature cure!

Please try our new Age Reverse Serum with Edelweiss Stem Cells and Glutathione . Age Reverse Serum can plump and increase skin volume, smooth out wrinkles and uneven texture, tighten sagging skin, reduce discolorations and even reverse sun damaged tissue.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Posted by on Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Believe it or not, the next big thing in skincare is a gem produced by our very own bodies called glutathione, and it is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking radiant day in and day out. Glutathione is naturally found in every cell of the body but the highest levels can be found in the liver. Glutathione is great at fighting free radicals to help fight against cancer and is great for detoxifying the body.
Nowadays you can find glutathione in supplement form at your local vitamin store. The supplement elevates the levels your body normally produces and fights the signs of aging by refine your pores. For people struggling with acne, the glutathione helps to balance out your body and contain your acne and skin cells to help with acne scaring. Over time, glutathione will rejuvenate the skin so it can glow and become the radiant skin it should be. As if that weren’t enough, it also helps fight cataracts, infertility, regulates thyroid and liver problems to help against chronic fatigue.
As with any supplement, however, you may want to consult your physician before ingesting anything that may affect your skin, the largest organ on the body. As great as glutathione can be for the skin, it has been shown to sometimes lighten skin or darken sun spots, depending on your skin color. Be sure to educate yourself on all the side effects before taking glutathione into consideration!
Please take a look at our newest product, Age Reverse Serum by Purigenex Naturals at This amazing product contains Glutathione and Edelweiss Plant.
Age Reverse™ Serum can plump and increase skin volume, smooth out wrinkles and uneven texture, tighten sagging skin, reduce discolorations and even reverse sun damaged tissue!
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Friday, May 13, 2011


Posted by Dr. Susanne Bennett

Not many people are privy to the origins of good skincare products. In fact most people would probably be surprised to learn that some of the best skincare practices come from Korea, but it is true!

Recently Marie Claire did an article featuring skincare methods from Korea, which discusses some of the best products and procedures in skincare. In it, the article consults with many skincare gurus including myself, to discuss what actually works best for our skin. Generally the consensus is to ditch the "peel" route and go for the more nurturing route when it comes to taking years off your skin.

According to the article, popular treatments in Korea include laser treatment, stem cell media skincare, and skin-plumping masks, the latter of which you can get a hold of here in the United States under my brand name Purigenex. It is the only medical-grade collagen sold in the states and comes straight from the labs in Korea.

Skincare expert Mary Schook from New York considers Purigenex "one of the industry's greatest breakthroughs" because it is the "only topical medical-grade collagen sold in the United States."  Schook also swears by a few others, including a Blemish Balm Cream that gets rid of zits, protects skin from the sun, and acts as an anti-aging moisturizer all in one. The best part about all of the products mentioned in the article is that they are safer and less scary than getting injections or peels.
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Posted by Dr. Susanne Bennett

Wrinkles can sometimes feel like the bane of our existence. In today's youth driven world, wrinkles are considered the biggest downside of getting older. Since we cannot avoid getting wrinkles, as they are a natural part of aging, there are a couple of things we can do to slow their arrival.

When we are young, our skin cells have the ability to regenerate new cells after the old ones die off. This replenishment process begins to slow with each passing decade starting after your twenties, meaning your skin becomes less plump and loses much of its elasticity as the years pass.

The biggest factors that cause early onset wrinkles are too much exposure to the sun and cigarettes, among many things. Too much time spent in the sun can especially cause dryness, skin growths (liver spots), and sagginess. Other common causes of wrinkles are heredity, wearing clothing that exposes your neck, arms, and hands to the sun, or recreational activities like golfing, sailing, or fishing.

The best things we can do to prevent wrinkles then, seem fairly obvious: do not smoke, and do not stay in the sun for too long. However, if you are past the point of being able to prevent wrinkles, my PURIGENEX  Advanced Dermal Repair is a wonderful anti-aging treatment with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Also, if spending time outdoors is hard to give up, which it definitely can be, then make sure to cover up with the Element Protection Stick every time you go out. The more proactive you are, the less likely you are to develop wrinkles earlier, and the less severe they will be!

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Posted by Dr. Susanne Bennett

Here comes the sun! The Beatles put it beautifully, and Los Angeles will now be bathed in sunshine for a while after what seemed to be a never-ending downpour. Although the sun may feel amazing right now, it is still important to exercise caution when you are exposed to it for any length of time. Not only can the sun cause skin cancer down the line, but long-term exposure may also increase the likelihood of brown age spots on the most exposed parts of your body such as face, neck, shoulders, forearms, and the backs of your hands.

Brown age spots or hyperpigmentations are caused by an increased production of melanin, a dark pigment excreted by cells called melanocytes in the skin to protect its deeper layers. Any type of sun exposure, even sitting near a window or driving in a car can stimulate melanin production. Hormone fluctuations and birth control pills can also increase more melanin production especially on the face, which is a condition called melasma.

Also called "liver spots" or "solar lentigines", brown age spots usually develop over years of sun exposure, rather than over night. They can crop up anywhere from the size of a freckle to the size of a dime. Fairly harmless for the most part, the spots can sometimes darken, increase in size, or have irregular borders. If the spots change in size and color in a short period of time, please go to your dermatologist to have it looked at, it may indicate melanoma, a form of skin cancer that needs treatment immediately.

To prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentations, you need to start early in life and use sunscreen or sunblock such as non-toxic zinc oxide. Apply it daily on your face, chest, back of hands and anywhere else you are exposed and pretty much use it for the rest of your life. Supplements with super antioxidants such as glutathione, lipoic acid, tocotrienols and sulforaphanes will also help your skin from discoloring and aging rapidly. If you already have developed hyperpigmentation, I recommend using Purigenex Discoloration Corrective Therapy (DCT), which contains clinically proven skin healing antioxidants and the nutrient extract Rumex Occidentalis. This all-natural cosmeceutical formula is a lightening serum that is not harmful to your liver like harsher chemicals such as hydroquinone.

The best way to prevent exposure while you are in the car is to wear a hat or visor tilted to the left while driving, as the sun tends to creep in through the window and burn the left side of your face. As always, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

BTW: You may ask then how will I get my daily dose of Vitamin D if I am all covered up with sunscreen? Your arms and legs do not discolor the same way as your face and hands, so break out the short sleeve shirts and shorts! Don’t forget to wear your hat, scarf and gloves; it is still pretty cold outside! Better yet, take a healthy dose of Vitamin D with your breakfast.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Purigenex Featured on Good Day LA with Jillian Barberie!
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

PURIGENEX on The Luxury Spot

By Corinne • Jul 15th, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY, Skin

There comes a point in our lives where we start to worry about those "laugh lines" getting a little more noticeable. Let me tell you, it's far from a laughing matter.  Purigenex is an amazing treatment, created by Dr. Susanne Bennett, to cure you of your woes.  This mask and serum kit is the ONLY collagen product that penetrates the skin without needles or injections!  The results are immediate and there is no down time whatsoever.  Most patients actually choose to do the treatment right before they have a big event as their skin is glowing!

Purigenex is quickly becoming one of the hottest treatments in Hollywood since it gives immediate results.  The treatment is an amazing alternative to more invasive procedures, but also is used regularly by plastic surgeons and dermatologists with other treatments and procedures.  This stuff works!

Orders for the Intensive Collagen Serum & Mask Kit are only taken by phone, call Customer Support: Toll Free (877)787-4469 (877) PUR-IGNX to find out how to order.
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