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Thursday, April 10, 2008

PURIGENEX Collagen gains wide acceptance by laser medical doctors

PURIGENEX debut at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in Orlando was a huge success! We met doctors from all around the world who specialized in  laser and light technology to resurface and rejuvenate skin and body. Many doctors and nurses where excited to  to combine PURIGENEX bio-active collagen system with the different technologies they provided for their patients. PURIGENEX collagen is best utilized as a post laser treatment to enhance healing and regeneration of dermal tissue. Different resurfacing technologies include laser treatments including fractional, CO2, thermage, pearl etc. as well as light therapies such as IPL, LED and infrared. PURIGENEX collagen is also excellent for post microdermabrasion techniques. With any of the technologies above, adding ICM/ICS to the regimen will speed up healing and recovery, increase plumping of the skin, reduce pigmentation, tighten wrinkles and smooth out surface texture.

Please visit our website in the near future for our list of clinics, doctors, nurses, medispas and aestheticians who are carrying our products for their clients and general public.  
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

PURIGENEX Collagen debuts at the ASLMS show this weekend!

PURIGENEX will debut its ICM/ICS bio-active collagen at the 28th annual conference for American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery show at the Gaylord Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Many of our clients across the country are medispas and medical clinics that specialize in laser, IPL, microcurrent, dermabrasion etc. techniques and our collagen is a perfect adjunct to using after the treatments. There are not many formulas available to use on the skin after these treatments and due to the non-immunogenicity of PURIGENEX collagen, it is an optimal choice for activating the healing process of skin to healthier, younger looking skin. Please visit us if you are attending the show!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Erase Wrinkles Naturally

Regular use of PURIGENEX collagen will help erase your wrinkles naturally (click here to view my Before & After pictures). Most users will see results after 4 weekly applications of the replenishing collagen mask (ICM) and daily applicationof the ICS collagen serum. Many individuals see results after 1-2 weeks of use. Please make sure you take pictures before starting the product, after 4 weeks and after completion of the 8 week course. Please look at the testimonials on our website and the before and after pictures. We are asking everyone who are taking pictures to email us your results. We greatly appreciate it!

Here are some inquiries from doctors, health care practitioners and aestheticians:

Q: Can you use other facial products such as antioxidant serums, Vit. C creams, lipoic acid and oxygen formulas with the PURIGENEX collagen (ICM/ICS)?
A: Yes, you can apply any product after the ICM/ICS has completely dried and there is tension on you face (skin feels tight). Do not apply any type of acidic toner before applying the ICM/ICS. Use the ICM/ICS directly to clean dry skin.

Q: How soon can I apply PURIGENEX collagen to my face and chest after an IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatment?
A: Apply the ICM mask the next day to relieve inflammation and to start the healing process. The collagen serum is to be used morning and night. 1/2 dropperful is plenty for face and neck.
Individuals have experienced less redness and itching by using the ICM/ICS soon after the IPL therapy. (please read testimonial section on IPL patient)

Q: Can we use Iontophoresis Therapy to drive the collagen deeper into the skin?
A: It is unnecessary to use iontophoresis therapy due to the fact that our succinylated collagen is already negatively ionized and will be absorbed into the dermal layer as long as it is in the refrigerated form (bio-active state).

PURIGENEX welcomes all questions regarding our unique formula and how to use the ICM/ICS bio-active collagen system!

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