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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Pregnancy is such an exciting time for women that its no wonder we often hear of a “pregnancy glow.” While this is one of the many benefits of expecting, a downside of pregnancy is excess production of hormones, which often leads to acne. The good news is that expecting mothers do have an easy, non-invasive way to combat inflammation and acne scarring. Purigenex collagen can decrease acne scars, heal skin more rapidly and restore the health of skin better than it had ever been before.

Melasma (hyperpigmentation of skin) is another common side effect associated with excess circulating hormones. This too can be treated with the use of Purigenex. Our collagen masks increase the density of skin, which then decrease the activation of melanocytes in melanin production, reducing hyperpigmentation. Even those with sensitive skin and redness will notice results from our topical Purigenex collagen. The integrity of the skin will be strengthened and redness will diminish.

After nine months have past and baby arrives, the fun certainly begins. While moms can now start the process to shed baby weight, something they are happy to part with, their pregnancy glow (swelling from water retention and increased circulation) will disappear rapidly post partum and facial skin will show signs of flaccidity (sagging). Additional wrinkles and indicators of aging may appear. However, use of Purigenex Collagen can prevent the post partum aging process, so that after delivery, the skin will be more resilient and healthier and have more elasticity and density.

All in all, Purigenex collagen masks and serums are non-invasive, require no downtime and can be used throughout all stages of pregnancy.

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More Purigenex Press From Pampering The Stars

Our Purigenex event with Dr. Ryan proved to be a great success. Check out this additional coverage from Pampering The Stars.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dr. Susanne Bennett Joins Radiant Life Magazine’s Editorial Board of Advisors

More exciting news for Purigenex. I have been appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board for Radiant Life Magazine. For more information, you can read the press release below. You can also visit

SANTA MONICA, CA- Dr. Susanne Bennett, an integrative doctor who founded the anti-aging skin care line Purigenex, has been appointed to Radiant Life Magazine’s Editorial Board of Advisors. With over twenty years of experience in private practice, one of Dr. Bennett’s main philosophies has always been, “healthy skin leads to better health.”

“Many of my patients had been coming to me seeking alternative ways to combat aging sans injections, surgery and with minimal downtime when I was looking for a solution. Sun damage had taken its toll on my skin and wrinkles subsequently formed around my eyes and on my forehead as well. Developing Purigenex related products such as the Purigenex Ionized facial mask and intensive anti-wrinkle serum has allowed me to keep up with the latest anti-aging trends for both my patients and myself and has only broadened my knowledge in skin and wellness. I am glad to contribute this information with the Radiant Life readership.”

Radiant Life Magazine educates the general public about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, along with healthful behaviors and wellness. With a readership consisting of aesthetic professionals including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas as well as patients and prospects, Radiant Life serves to form solid relationships between qualified doctors and readers.

As Lesley Ranft, managing editor of Radiant Life adds, "The advisory board members of Radiant Life magazine are leaders in their respective areas of expertise. We are excited about Dr. Bennett's contribution to the publication in helping to meet our goal to better educate consumers about anti-aging medicine and healthcare. Her holistic approach to treatment adds significant value to the information we deliver to consumers through Radiant Life."

Dr. Bennett agrees with this doctor-patient dialog whole-heartedly. She blogs independently for her own patients, is an voice and is also an expert author for

“Patient education is something I have always emphasized throughout my twenty years of private practice. Several issues contribute to the aging process-lack of nutrients, stress, hormonal dysfunction and environmental toxins. I am happy to join a board of professionals whose backgrounds cover varying approaches to aging gracefully. Together through Radiant Life Magazine we can truly provide answers for everyone.”

Dr. Susanne Bennett is a holistic chiropractor specializing in integrative medicine, which includes environmental medicine, clinical nutrition, allergies, skin health, as well as heavy metal, chemical and mold detoxification. She is an active member in several professional organizations, including: the American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), California Chiropractic Association (CCA), Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceana, Ocean and Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund, Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club and Step Up Women’s Network.

To learn more about Dr. Susanne Bennett and her private practice, please visit and

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Purigenex Featured In US Magazine

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