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Monday, March 29, 2010

Purigenex Topical Collagen Treatment Helps Repair Signs of Aging

Purigenex is the only Type 1 collagen available in topical cosmetic form and can help to prevent and repair signs of aging and sun damage. The collagen treatment is applied directly to th surface of the skin and sinks deep into the dermal tissue to help rebuild connective tissues and improve skin elasticity.

Purigenex is the only topical collagen treatment that can effectively reduce skin discoloration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, eliminate acne scars and treat sun damage without a cosmetic procedure.

The company behind Purigenex currently offers two therapies: ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM Ionized Collagen Mask. These products contain highly purified forms of atelocollagen, a non-immunogenic compound that can be tolerated even by sensitivie skin types.

Some plastic surgeons around the country are currently offering a Purigenex mask treatment that involves an application of the collagen product directly onto the damaged layers of the skin to increase collagen integrity. There are no needles involved with the procedure, and most patients begin to see results within a week after treatment.

The Purigenex treatment is available as a kit and the treatment not only helps restore collagen, but also infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid, a natural hydrating solution that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and also promotes cell regeneration. The treatment can help to lift the skin around the eyes, neck and jawline, and results can last for several months with ongoing care.

Dr. Kevin Brenner, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, offers the Purigenex mask at his clinic and charges approximately $1500 for a series of eight masks and eight serum applications. The treatment is currently available only through doctors and medical spas.

Rox Spa Aesthetics is another Beverly Hills plastic surgery center currently offering the treatment. This video explains how the treatment is performed, and what its key benefits are:
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